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SOLD! $3,182,805





































































 SOLDLuettel Land Auction

Sale Results
Tract 1 $7,800/Acre

Tract 2 $5,800/Acre

This Auction was very well attended with a lot of good bidding action.






















2Buhlmann Trust Land Auction 10 2017

Sale Resluts
Tract 1: $1,320/acre
Tract 2: 1,400/acre
Sale was well attended.














Babcock Farms Land Auction 9 2017

Sale Results
Tract 1: $6000/acre
Tract 2: $4,950/acre
Sale was well attended.










Click here to view photos of the land!


Click here to view photos of the land.


For sale descriptionSOLD

Platte County, Nebraska


Boone County, Nebraska